Mountain Biking on the Seefeld Plateau

The Seefeld plateau offers different levels of bike excursions - from the easy, which can be attempted on most basic rental bikes, to the more strenuous, which should really be approached in the spirit of any mountainbiking trip onto the higher trails.

Those looking for easy family afternoons out on the bike should probably head for the Leutasch area, where the terrain is flatter than most other parts of the plateau.

In general, however, those looking to get into the mountains will need a certain basic level of fitness and competence to get the most out of the Seefeld plateau's trails.

Some of the easier walking routes (for example, the Wildmoosalm-Mösern round trip) lend themselves perfectly to an afternoon's bike ride. Be aware, however, that there are restrictions on trail use. More trails in Austria and the Tirol are being opened up to mountainbiking all the time, but it is wise to check that your proposed route is permitted before you set off.

Mountainbiking in Seefeld

Rules of the Trail

These IMBA rules are recognized around the world as the standard code of conduct for mountain bikers.

  • Only ride on open trails
  • Leave no trace
  • Control your bicycle
  • Show respect for other users
  • Never scare animals
  • Plan ahead

Mountain Biking Excursions on the Seefeld Plateau

The routes we have chosen to feature on the site are described from the point of view of a non-expert mountainbiker/walker looking for a day out on a hotel or shop rental bike - those who are keen bikers will find plenty of options for higher and tougher trips!

Karwendelhaus - Start: Scharnitz
Mittenwald - Start: Leutasch