Public Transport on the Seefeld Plateau

There are two forms of public (and private) transport of interest to active visitors on the Seefeld plateau - the village bus system and the local train service.

Village Buses

The bus system is a wonderful boon to active holidaymakers on the Seefeld plateau since, for the payment of a single fee, the village buses are (virtually!) free for the rest of the stay.

Starting from Seefeld, there are bus services through to both ends of the Leutasch valley, Mösern, Leithen (the hamlet past Reith before the Zirlerberg descent into the Inn valley) and Scharnitz. Mittenwald is also served but on payment of a journey supplement (it is in Germany).

Essentially the prices are fixed so that if a visitor is planning on doing two walks in a different area during their stay (in other words, would be using the buses there and back each day) then they would be a little bit in profit by getting the ticket. Anything more and the bus ticket is definitely worthwhile.

The view onto Seefeld from the Rosshütte

There is also a private bus service which runs from the car park next to the chemist and opposite the Hotel Eden in Seefeld up to the popular Wildmoos walking area.

Train System on the Seefeld Plateau

The rail system is not just useful for access to Munich and Innsbruck - the trains can also be used as part of a day out walking. Often it is more convenient to get the train back home than waiting for a bus. The villages which can be accessed by train on the Seefeld plateau are as follows (in the direction from Innsbruck towards Germany):

  • Leithen (request stop)
  • Reith bei Seefeld
  • Seefeld
  • Giessenbach (request stop)
  • Scharnitz
  • Mittenwald (not every train from Innsbruck goes through to Mittenwald)

Seefeld train station is currently being renovated and redesigned as part of the preparations for the Nordic Ski World Championships in 2019.

Seefeld train station