Mountainbiking Leutasch - Mittenwald

Description: Leutasch - Mittenwald
Location: Leutasch area
Time: 2-3 hours
Difficulty: Easy

This relatively easy ride is also one of the scenic and most relaxing two-wheeled excursions on the Seefeld plateau. Because it doesn't involve steep climbs or descents and the routefinding is fairly easy, this would be a ride which would be more suitable for a family outing than others available in the local ranges.

We start this description from the Weidach area of Leutasch, as it is convenient for bikers from all over the plateau. Parking, for those taking a car, is available at the recycling centre at the northern end of the village. From the centre of Weidach, ride north in the direction of the signs for Mittenwald and Germany.

On the outskirts of the village the road crosses the Leutascher Ache stream. Turn right here and follow a gravel path along the southern bank of the stream. At the next junction, cross the bridge and follow the other bank of the stream. The views down the Leutasch valley towards the Karwendel mountains are quite beautiful here.

The lower Leutasch valley

At the next bridge, switch banks again and follow the signs for Burggraben. This trail eventually leads out onto the main road at the Holiday Camping complex. Turn right onto the road and, almost immediately, back off to the right onto another trail. This part of the track meanders through the woods at the edge of the mountains until emerging onto the road again at the Gasthof Mühle about 45 minutes into the journey. The ruins on the other side of the road are remnants of the Porta Claudia, built to protect the narrow way through the mountains in the Thirty Years' War.

Follow the road over the German border until it takes a sharp left. Instead take the Forststrasse ("Forest Road") into the woods on the right at the entrance to the Geisterklamm walk. The trail heads through the woods above the Leutasch gorge before dropping steeply to the Gletscherschliff restaurant. It is easier to leave bikes at the top of the hill and walk down the steep trail to the scenic terrace.

View down to Mittenwald from the Gletscherschliff guesthouse

It is also possible to walk 15 minutes further down and visit the gorge of the German Leutaschklamm, a privately-run smaller version of the Geisterklamm which it is possible to explore on galleries built between the steep walls above the rushing water.

Return via the route taken; on the road; or on alternate routes on the other side of the Leutasch valley.

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