Hämmermoosalm - Leutasch

The Hämmermoosalm is the first of the huts in the mountain pastures of the Gais valley in Leutasch. It is located less than an hour away from the last car park at the Salzbach at an altitude of 1417 metres.

Because of its relative ease of access it is a very popular walk on summer weekends and holidays but the popularity does nothing to detract from its stunning setting in between the Mieminger and Wetterstein ranges of mountains.

The Hämmermoosalm is also a popular stopping point on the Würziger Steig walking route to or from the Wettersteinhütte.

How to get to the Hämmermoosalm

The easiest route to the Hämmermoosalm is from the Salzbach car park (the last public car parking area in the Gaistal - charge). From here the most direct trails leads through the gates up the forestry road and then quickly forks right up a steep walking trail and through the fields to the alm. Alternative routes include a less steep variation of the above route on the forestry roads or the route up through the woods along the Salzbach stream.

Main Walks from the Hämmermoosalm

  • Wettersteinhütte
    This trail climbs up behind the Hämmermoosalm and eventually follows the contour lines on a scenic trail around to the Wettersteinhütte.
  • Rotmoosalm
    The Rotmoosalm, now in a new position after the problems with avalanches in previous winters, is one of the high mountain huts in the Gaistal. The climb to the hut starts off through the meadows before joining the gravel track up to the hut under the Wetterstein rock faces.
  • Gaistalalm and Tilfussalm
    These two huts are the next ones along the lower route into the Gaistal. The private hut used by German author Ludwig Ganghofer in the last part of the 1800s is near the Tilfussalm.

Hämmermoosalm Location and Contact Details

Contact Information
Sonja Wanner
Klamm 3
6105 Leutasch
Tel: 0676 3337000
Website: www.haemmermoosalm.at