Mösl Alm - Scharnitz

Although the Mösl Alm is most easily reached from Scharnitz on the Seefeld plateau, it actually lies within the administrative area of Innsbruck. It is situated in a lovely position in the Karwendel Alpine Park on the northern side of the Nordkette mountain range above Innsbruck.

It is a working alm at 1260m and is renowned for its locally-produced butter and cheeses - especially the regional speciality 'Graukäse'. It offers one three-bedded room and a mattress dormitory which sleeps 30.

The Mösl Alm is a very popular destination for mountain bikers and acts as a rest and refuelling point for those undertaking some of the more strenuous routes through the Karwendel, as well as being part of a walking circuit which includes the Gleirschklamm gorge.

How to get to the Mösl Alm

The simplest walking route to the Mösl Alm from Scharnitz is to take the Nederweg to the entrance to the Gleirschklamm and then, at the junction for the gorge, to follow the path straight up the switchbacks leading to the main gravel road on the left rim of the gorge. From here it is an easy walk along the road through to the Mösl Alm.

Mountain bikers will want to take the road and gravel trail from Scharnitz past the Café Wiesenhof up to the Gleirschhöhe. Turn right at the junction just past the lookout and follow the trail down to the Isar before climbing and following the road through to the Mösl Alm.

Main Walks from the Mösl Alm

  • Pfeishütte
    This is a hut located in a very scenic position just on the northern side of the Nordkette range above Innsbruck. The trail heads east along the valley floor before climbing to the Pfeishütte. There are walking connections to Innsbruck from here so it is a very popular mountain hut.
  • Kristenalm
    The Kristenalm is reached from a turning to the right just before arriving at the Mösl Alm. It is a mountain hut with refreshments only up the side Kristen valley. The walking trail up here will eventually reach the Solsteinhaus and then down to Hochzirl and the railway.
  • Oberbrunnalm
    The Oberbrunnalm is reached by heading down from the Mösl Alm to the top of the Gleirschklamm gorge and then following the gravel road up the hill until the signposted junction for the alm. From here a route along the ridge will lead to the Mühlberg above Scharnitz or, alternatively, the gravel road can be followed down the Eppzirl valley to Giessenbach.
  • The Gleirschklamm
    The route from Scharnitz is often done as a circuit by walkers to include the beautiful Gleirsch gorge on the way up or down. The easiest circuit is following the rim of the gorge one way and through the gorge on the other, using the Nederweg to access the gorge. Alternatively a more strenuous circular route would be to use the Nederweg, the Gleirschklamm, the Mösl Alm and then return to Scharnitz via the higher Hochwaldweg.

There are a number of more serious routes available from the Mösl Alm, especially those towards points in the Nordkette range, which are popular but should only be undertaken by those with high alpine experience.

Mösl Alm Location and Contact Details

Contact Information
Fam. Kircher
Tel: 0664 9142670
Website: www.moesl-alm.at