Linderhof Castle Bus Trip

Description: Linderhof Castle and Oberammergau
Location: Bavaria
Duration: full day

The trip to Linderhof Castle takes a journey over the border into Bavarian history, with visits to one of the castles built by "Mad" King Ludwig, and a stop in the village of Oberammergau, world-famous for its Passion Play. Ludwig II of Bavaria ruled in the last century and was responsible for elaborate architectural fantasies like Neuschwanstein Castle before his mysterious early death in the Starnberger See after nearly bankrupting the Bavarian treasury.

The journey time to the Graswang valley where Linderhof Castle is located is relatively short and the entrance system has been streamlined in recent years. It is possible to wander the gardens without paying the entrance - but it is worth joining the guided tour of the castle and walking to the Moorish Kiosk and Venus Grotto in the grounds. Be careful if you are with a bus group - the Venus Grotto locks visitors inside for the demonstration of Ludwig's artificial lake so check if you will be let out in time for your departure time.

Linderhof Castle in Bavaria

Linderhof is one of the most restrained and interesting of Ludwig's creations. It is easy to imagine him living here and leaving the castle only at night for winter sleigh rides along the Graswang valley, as he withdrew into an obsession with German mythology and the music of Wagner.

The nearby village of Oberammergau is completely transformed every ten years when the villagers put on the Oberammergau Passion Play. The Passion Plays, held in various villages around Europe, stem from the great plagues of the Middle Ages and normally resulted from pledges that villagers made with God should they be spared from the disease. It is possible to take tours of the Passion Play Theatre in non-play years.

The Passion Play theatre in Oberammergau

Outside the Passion Play, Oberammergau is known for its woodcarving (a wide selection of which is available in the local shops) and for the paintings on its houses. The technique of mural painting is widespread in southern Germany, but there are some fine examples in Oberammergau (the Pilatus House; the Hänsel and Gretel House; and the Rotkäppchen - "Little Red Riding Hood" - House).

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