Walking - Tiroler Adlerweg

The Tiroler Adlerweg is a route which combines mountain trails and spectacular scenery across the length of the Tyrol.

It stretches from St Anton to St Johann and the trail is meant to symbolise two giant wings of an eagle ("Adler") stretching over the Tyrol, with the head in Innsbruck.

The trail passes through some of the most stunning mountain ranges on the northern side of Tyrol.

Eppzirl valley

The Olympiaregion Seefeld boasts three sections which run through the area and are accessible for guests on the plateau. For guests staying on the Seefeld plateau, these three sections are more easily turned into two:

The first is the section from Hochzirl to the Solsteinhaus and further to Giessenbach. A route description is here: Hochzirl-Giessenbach

The second is the section from Giessenbach over the Hoher Sattel to Leutasch and into the Gaistal. A route description can be found here: Giessenbach-Leutasch

Variants on the routes are also given on the respective pages and may be more convenient for people staying on the Seefeld plateau.