Walking to Mösern via the Wildmoos

Description: Wildmoosalm
Location: Seefeld-Mösern area
Time: 3-3½ hours
Difficulty: Easy

This circular route will take you through the countryside to Mösern and some beautiful views down onto the Upper Inn Valley.

From the centre of Seefeld, take the road out towards Leutasch. Just after the horseriding stables on the right, a forest trail leads up towards the Wildmoosalm (signposted). After 45-60 minutes, the alm comes into view across the meadows. It is a popular excursion destination with visitors to the plateau in summer and winter. Part of the popularity maybe due to the host's habit of welcoming visitors with samples from his "schnaps fountain"!

The Wildmoosalm above Seefeld

The walk leads on past the Wildmoosalm in the direction of Mösern. Shortly after the alm, Seefeld's periodic lakes are passed on the right - these are lakes which fill with water some years and remain dry in others. Views follow towards the distinctive outline of the Hohe Munde and down onto the Wildmoos golf course.

To reach Mösern (2-2½ hours) either take one of the higher paths or the road heading down past the Golf Club entrance. Either way, do not miss the views from Mösern and the "Bell of Peace". The massive bell, situated on a hill just beyond the Hotel Inntalerhof, weighs 10,000kg and was dedicated in 1972 in the cause of peace and co-operation amongst 11 alpine countries, regions and cantons.

The Peace Bell at Mösern

The views from here are some of the most beautiful in the Alpine region, especially early in the morning or at sunset. In fact they were painted back in the 15th century by Albrecht Durer on his flight from the plague in his German home town.

The journey back to Seefeld goes back through fields and woods by the side of the small road linking the two villages.