Tiroler Adlerweg - Giessenbach to Leutasch

This section of the Tiroler Adlerweg combines the second section of the stage 15 (Solsteinhaus-Ahrn) and the first section of stage 16 (Ahrn-Ehrwald).

Walkers from Leutasch can do the first section in reverse, those from Seefeld and Scharnitz can reach Giessenbach on foot or by bus or train.

From Giessenbach follow the trail towards the Hoher Sattel. This is easier said than done as the route is less than clearly marked but the destination should be clearly visible along the righthand side of the scree river bed underneath the wall of the Ahrnspitz.

Eventually the path joins the main trail from Scharnitz and switchbacks up a steady climb to the Sattel. Views back to Scharnitz and the Karwendel are impressive at the regular seats and viewing points.

The Hoher Sattel - Tiroler Adlerweg

At the Hoher Sattel there are alternatives available of climbs to the Ahrnspitz to the north or onto the ridge and along to Weidach to the left. The main Adlerweg follows the forest track down to the hamlet of Ahrn in the Leutasch valley.

The Adlerweg heads from here along the floor of the valley to Kirchplatzl and then into the Gais valley "in the footsteps of Ludwig Ganghofer".

Ganghofer was a renowned German writer who lived and hunted in the Gais valley and the route passes up this valley and over the Ehrwald pass to the village of Ehrwald and the Ausserfern below.

Since most English-speaking walkers are unlikely to have heard of Ludwig Ganghofer and his books and since most Seefeld plateau guests will not want to take the route all the way to Ehrwald, an alternative route is suggested either from Ahrn, where the climb into the lovely Puittal can be made, in the reverse direction to the walk described on the Puitalm page , followed by the descent to the Wetterstein and Hämmermoos huts.

The Puitalm valley near Leutasch

Alternatively, a walk can be made to the Tillfussalm, near Ganghofer's old dwelling, and with an option to return via the high route past the Rotmoosalm.

Giessenbach-Hoher Sattel-Ahrn: 3 hours walking
Ahrn-Tillfussalm: 2 hours walking
Ahrn-Puitalm-Wettersteinhütte-Gaistal: 5 hours walking

Regional trains can be taken to Giessenbach railway station from Scharnitz and Seefeld. Walkers looking for accommodation at either end can try the accommodation on the Scharnitz, Leutasch or Seefeld pages.