Tiroler Adlerweg - Hochzirl to Giessenbach

This section of the Tiroler Adlerweg from Hochzirl to Giessenbach combines one-and-a-half sections of the official stages.

The initial climb is started from the train station of Hochzirl above the town of Zirl at the foot of the Zirlerberg and walkers on the "proper" route are meant to take the train from Innsbruck.

Of course, this is just as easily done by walkers from the Seefeld plateau, who can easily pick up the train at Scharnitz, Seefeld or Reith and take the short journey towards Innsbruck.

The route rises steeply initially from behind the train station platform and then joins a forest trail climbing towards the scree of the Oberbachtal. Leaving the forest road, the trail switchbacks up to the Solsteinhaus. The route up to the pass into the Eppzirl valley cuts off to the left before the Solsteinhaus, but it is worth taking the extra climb for refreshments and the view into the Kristental.

Solsteinhaus - Tiroler Adlerweg

The first alternative option is available here. Experienced walkers can take the black high alpine route around the Freiungspitzen to the Nordlinger Hütte above Seefeld. This route is only for the surefooted who are free from vertigo.

The normal Tiroler Adlerweg route climbs up to the Eppzirler Scharte at 2100m and from there descends down scree slopes to the Eppzirleralm. The Eppzirl valley is a beautiful isolated area with a lovely walk out down the valley towards Giessenbach.

Eppzirl valley

Another alternate option presents itself about a third of the way between the Eppzirleralm and Giessenbach, where a path heads up onto the ridge on the left and via the Ankerschlag to Seefeld. (More details on this route are given on the Seefeld-Eppzirleralm page.) There is also a possibility to connect onto the walk to the Oberbrunnalm and down to Scharnitz as described on the Gleirschklamm page.

Hochzirl-Solsteinhaus: 2½-3 hours walking
Solsteinhaus-Giessenbach: 4 hours walking

Regional trains can be taken at Giessenbach railway station to Scharnitz and Seefeld. Walkers looking for accommodation can try the accommodation on the Scharnitz or Seefeld pages.